Are the rugs one off, original pieces?

The designs are not 'one off's' as they can be commissioned many times over. What makes each rug different is that each client chooses their own specific colour scheme and size, thereby creating a rug that is unique to them.


Who weaves the rugs?

Jason Collingwood weaves all the rugs . From the initial process of warping the loom, the weaving of the rug and finally the packing and shipping, Jason does it all.


Are the rugs hard wearing?

The rugs are intended for use on the floor and this is reflected in the materials they are woven in. The warp is linen, used for it's strength and inelasticity. The weft is a commercial quality carpet wool (80% wool, 20% nylon), a yarn spun specifically for use on the floor.


How does one clean the rugs?

For individual stains one can use a dry cleaning spray. Spray on, let it dry and then brush it off. To give the rug an overall clean, fresh dry snow, brushed on and then off the rug works very well. Alternatively, a professional rug cleaner will be able to do it for you.


Will the colours fade?

It is inevitable that any colour will fade somewhat in direct sunlight. However, all the yarns have been professionally dyed so excessive colour fade will not occur. All the wool has been moth proofed.


How large can the rugs be woven?

The width of the rug in a single strip is determined by the width of the loom. Jason can weave up to 1.4m (55"). For wider rugs, separate sections are woven and then stitched together, the join, whilst not being invisible, is hardly noticeable. Examples of larger rugs that have been stitched together in this way can be seen in my gallery. The length is not dictated by the size of the loom, so rug of any length can be woven.


Do the rugs come with authentification?

Yes, along with your rug Jason will send you a signed label that has all the details of the rug on it. This can be attached to the rug if you chose to do so.